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What Is The Bank?

The Bank is a self-contained energy storage and battery device that provides power for on-demand use. With The Bank, you can self-power your house during an emergency situation giving you extra security and peace of mind in case of power outages. It’s a compact, safe, clean energy source with built-in controllers for alternative energy sources, and a powerful inverter, which provides far simpler and easier integration. Plus, it’s a portable, self-driving system that’s easier to use and more affordable than competitor batteries. Feel secure with The Bank.

Backup Power

Ensure that your home is protected from power outages with a seamless and reliable backup solution.


Integrate The Bank with solar, or any other alternative energy source, to reduce your reliance on the grid, and provide clean energy to your home or business.

Compact Unit

Gain the advantage of a completely self-contained unit that is simple to install, doesn't create noise or fumes, and requires no maintenance.

Incredible Value

Save money on an affordable, home energy storage solution without sacrificing power or utility.