Solar Panels in Concord

Anytime you need to install expensive appliances, you must be sure you are working with an expert. Failure to do so can lead to the damage or malfunction of your equipment, leaving you frustrated. Wired Into The Future Inc. is a fully integrated solar panel services provider that deals with solar panel installation, repair and maintenance for residents in and around Concord.

Affordable Solar Panel Services

The experts at Wired Into The Future Inc. will introduce you to our services and also help you explore the various financing options at your disposal which will include calculating specific costs based on your location, government rebates, system size, and local utility expenses.

Customized Solar Panel Installation Services

You can rely on Wired Into The Future Inc. to carry out a survey of your home to identify the best place to install your solar panels. Our highly qualified staff in engineering and solar panel installation will come up with a customized installation plan for your home based on your energy needs, house layout and roof dimensions to ensure you enjoy your solar power for many years to come.

We pride ourselves in establishing long-term relationships with our Concordclients. For this reason, anytime in the future that you may wish to relocate your solar panels, upgrade, or expand your solar plan, we will be on hand to offer expert guidance and technical assistance.

Solar Panel Repairs and Maintenance

As any appliance or gadget is likely to break down over the course of time, Wired Into The Future Inc. thoughtfully offers solar panel maintenance service to give customers peace of mind. Our accredited repair team provides the following services:

  • Expert diagnosis and analysis
  • DC electrical maintenance plan
  • Cleaning solar panels
  • Pigeon proofing and rodent damage inspection

Benefits of Solar Panels

As anyone on our team can tell you, the benefits of solar panels are numerous. Solar energy is a sustainable and renewable source of power, making it perfect for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint. As far as alternative forms of energy go, the power of the sun is about as perfect as it gets. Installing a solar panel system on the roof of your Walnut Creek home helps you save money on your monthly utility bills, increases your homes value, and provides a clean source of energy.

Solar energy is also silent—wind energy is great, but turbines can be noisy and disruptive. Solar energy consists primarily of panels that are set up on your rooftop, so before long you'll forget they're even there.

A solar energy system increases the property value without incurring additional property taxes. The increased value is related to monetary savings annually, for every $1000 in energy bill savings annually, your property value is increased by $17,000-$20,000. The average 5 kilowatt solar system in the PG&E territory saves a home roughly $1,500 per year, or an increased property value of $25,500 - $30,000.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Solar Power

At Wired Into The Future Inc., we devote ourselves to meeting the individual needs of every customer in the Concordarea. Take advantage of our free consultation and wallet-friendly solar panel services. Let us help you decide if solar is appropriate for you.